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XRY Logical
Currently supporting +1000 different telephone models, including most GSM telephones and many 3G telephones, .XRY creates an encrypted file containing a copy of the information stored on the telephone. The solution pulls an impressive amount of information from the phone, including, telephone books with names, numbers, etc., SMS messages that have been sent, received and archived, pictures, calendar Information, sound files, and some SIM data as well. .XRY software is sold with a communication hub that includes Bluetooth for connectivity without cables. A cable kit is available, as are individual cables.

XRY Physical
XRY Physical provides mobile phone forensics specialists with the tools they need to perform highly sophisticated "physical" data acquisitions from confiscated phones or memory cards and allows for the recovery of deleted information. The new XRY Physical lets forensics specialists push investigations even further by performing physical data acquisitions— a process generating hex dumps from phone memory and allowing the recovery of deleted information.

Athena and Aceso
RTL's Athena is a truly portable solution suitable for "live" examinations. Designed for intelligence and forensic data gathering in both overt and covert situations, Athena provides the capability to recover evidence and intelligence from mobile phone handsets, SIM cards and Media cards without leaving a trace.

Aceso offers law enforcement agencies the ability to safely and confidently download data stored in mobile phone SIM/USIM cards, handsets and memory cards. Aceso will allow acquisition, analysis and reporting of previously unattainable data, using an evidentially sound and forensically robust process. Aceso is available in desktop and portable formats.

MOBILedit! Forensics
MobilEdit Forensic software analyzes a comprehensive collection of GSM phones, and a growing number of CDMA phones. The latest version incorporates a HEX viewer for analyzing CDMA phones in low level, and more flexible reporting and output options. The software is sold individually, or with a complete cable kit. Individual cables are not offered by MobilEdit Forensic.

The Cellebrite UFED and UFED Physical Pro 2 forensic tools currently support the most phones of any tool on the market, with over 3,200 mobile devices capable of being analyzed.  In addition to data extraction, such as phonebooks, call logs, SMS messages, pictures and file systems, the UFED tool can extract phone lock codes from many devices. The UFED Physical Pro 2 tool is capable of acquiring and decoding the physical memory from several hundred devices, including the iPhone and other iOS Devices.   Characterized by their ease-of-use, multiple language support and extensive phone coverage, the UFED tools are used widely around the world.

Secure View for Forensics
The popular DataPilot phone editing tool, which offers the most extensive collection of tested and supported phones (currently numbering over 1000 ) has been engineered for digital examiners. In its first iteration, Secure View provides unlimited reads of phones, and employs write blocking to secure the data during interrogation. The software is sold alone, or as part of a complete kit, including the Data Pilot Universal Cable system. Individual cables can also be purchased from the manufacturer.

Oxygen Forensics Suite
Oxygen Forensic Suit is a mobile forensic software that goes beyond standard logical analysis of cell phones, smartphones and PDAs. Using advanced proprietary protocols permits Oxygen Forensic Suite and the Analysts Version are used to extract much more data than usually extracted by logical forensic tools, especially from smartphones, such as the iPhone and Android. 

Device Seizure
Device Seizure is a comprehensive handheld forensic analysis tool supporting over 1000+ phones, as well as many PDAs on the market. In addition to both CDMA and GSM phone support, Device Seizure's support for PDA systems includes: PDD (Palm DD Command Line Acquisition) and PDAs using the following Operating Systems: Palm through 6, Windows CE/Pocket PC/Mobile 4.x and earlier, BlackBerry 4.x and earlier, and Symbian 6.0. The Device Seizure software is sold independently, or with a cable and device "tool box". Individual cables and connections can be purchased from the manufacturer.

Lantern is the most cost-effective and comprehensive Mac-based tool for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad. Providing a complete logical acquisition of the iOS device, Lantern provides examiners with a dedicated solution and a complete reporting tool to showcase the extensive data found on the devices.  The latest version, Lantern 2, enables examiners to delve deep into the devices database and file system, to retrieve data not acquirable by the average forensic tool.

FINALMobile Forensics 2.1 enables investigators to efficiently perform critical tasks during the investigation of cellular phones. It combines the strength of industry leading acquisition software (FinalAcquisition) with the ability to quickly report on and analyze acquired data (FinalAnalysis) into one powerful, easy to use application. FINALMobile ForensicsT2.1 is the optimal solution for acquisition and analysis of mobile device data.

The portable CellDEK® is compatible with 500+ of the most popular cell phones and PDA's. Built to perform in the field (not just in the lab), investigators can immediately gain access to vital information, saving days of waiting for a report from a crime lab. This advanced cell phone data extraction device is a self-contained system that features a touch-screen display allowing the user to quickly identify devices by brand, model number, dimensions and/or photographs.

SIMIS was engineered in accordance with ACPO guidelines to ensure that no data on the SIM is modified during the read process. SIMIS has incorporated support for GSM, UMTS SIMS, as well as unique non-GSM standard Nextel SIM cards, with special attention paid to the extensive Nextel phonebooks. As well, Satellite SIM cards from Inmarsat, Irridium, and Thuraya are supported, and most recently CDMA SIM cards (CSIM or R-UIM).

  SIMIS Mobile Handheld Reader "MHR"
For field use, the SIMIS Mobile Handheld Reader enables users to collect data from multiple SIM cards for on-site analysis or later review using SIMIS PC software. The compact easy-to-operate mobile unit is battery powered and comes with Data Transfer Cards for easy storage and transport.

Neutrino is the only mobile device acquisition tool that integrates with EnCase® v6, allowing you to analyze both mobile devices and computer evidence at the same time. Because EnCase v6 software delivers analysis of data acquired by Neutrino, you can analyze and document both mobile device data and computer data simultaneously to correlate all evidence during an investigation.

Pandora's Box
Pandora's Box is a forensic solution for decoding the raw hex dumps from the memory stores on mobile phones. Pandora's Box can load any Permanent Memory File (PM ) obtained from a Nokia phone, and will load a number of PM Absolute files. In assisting the examiner to read these files, Pandora's Box allows the practitioner to go beyond the logical data analysis and stop at the true deleted information.

BitPim is an open-source, free program that allows you to view and manipulate data on many CDMA phones from LG, Samsung, Sanyo and other manufacturers. This includes the PhoneBook, Calendar, WallPapers, RingTones (functionality varies by phone) and the Filesystem for most Qualcomm CDMA chipset based phones.

ZRT Screen Capture
With the continuous development of hand held technology and the release of new mobile devices, digital investigators cannot keep pace with the hardware and software required to extract and examine data from the latest devices. Fernico has developed an innovative solution that will support ALL phones and can be used on its own or in conjunction with existing tools. ZRT is the result of extensive development with some of the world's leading cell phone investigators to produce a very easy to use, fast, manual examination and reporting system. It completely streamlines the process of taking high-resolution photographs of screen displays and merges these photos into custom designed report templates.

The Project-a-Phone imaging system enables users to clamp a phone or PDA directly beneath a camera, which then projects the phone's screen image on the PC. The mobile device's buttons remain accessible, allowing the user to navigate through the device and record images or video of the display. The tool automatically names the files in sequence to help organize the data collection effort.

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