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Cables and Connectors

Cables for Individual Phones ... Connectors for Universal Use ...

Featured in the Mobile Forensics Central database are cables from DataPilot as well as those provided by the Software Solution Providers. If a phone or device can be supported by a DataPilot cable, your Phone Report will indicate which Individual Cables or Universal Connectors are compatible with the phone you specified.

In addition, each Software Solution Provider included in the site (except for BitPim) offer their own set of proprietary cables and/or cable kits. We believe that the DataPilot Individual Cable and Universal Connector systems offer the most comprehensive, widely supported and easiest to use cables available to the digital investigator.

If the DataPilot system is not compatible with a phone in the Mobile Forensics Central database, your Phone Report will indicate that cables may be available from one of the Software Solutions Providers. Cables are generally available from the Software Solution Providers, however if you would like help finding supported cables, feel free to contact us.

In general, there are four ways to connect a phone to a computer for examination:

1) Individual Cables which can be provided by:
  • DataPilot Individual Cables
  • Cables provided by the Software Solution Providers
  • other manufacturer cables
2) Universal Connectors  (from DataPilot)
  • A two piece cable system whereby one part, the Computer Universal Connector attaches to the computer on one end (via USB or Serial).

  • And the Phone Specific Universal Connector, which lies between the Computer Universal Connector and the phone.
This cable system is especially beneficial to the digital investigator who may be faced with analyzing several phones of different varieties.

3) Bluetooth

Bluetooth connections are not considered the most secure communication means from a forensics standpoint, but at times it is the only option. And while slower to pull data than a cable, a Bluetooth connection is sometimes the most convenient and all thatís available.

4) InfraRed

Similar rules apply to Infrared as Bluetooth. Not the preferred method, but will do the job.

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