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Secure View for Forensics / Secure View Mobile
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Secure View for Forensics is the ultimate software and hardware solution which provides law enforcement, corporate security and forensics consultants with logical data extraction of the content stored in the mobile phone. Investigators can now gain access to vital information in seconds without the need to wait for crime reports.

Mobile content of varying formats from both CDMA and GSM phones, including recent calls, contacts, calendar, to-dos, SMS, pictures and video can be acquired from the majority of handsets. Secure View for Forensics's breadth and depth of its new feature support is a significant improvement over the original version.


Whether off-site or in the office, Secure View for Forensics is easy to use on any computer by using a USB hardware key that enables the program without seperate licenses.

Packaged with DataPilot's the award-winning and comprehensive cable and connection hardware, the new Secure View for Forensics is capable of acquiring data via USB cables, Bluetooth, IrDA, and a SIM card reader (for SIM phonebooks). To ensure examiners stay current, the Secure View for Forensics and Secure View Mobile package includes two years of software and cable updates. Any time a new cable is introduced, or new phones are supported, we'll ensure you have the right software and hardware.

New MD5 Hash verification and an Audit trail are among the many new improvements to the New Secure View for Forensics. Both features have been built into the software to ensure the integrity of the data, as well as the handling of evidence. Time-stamped print-friendly reports are generated for analysis and distribution.

Secure View for Forensics / Secure View Mobile
433 phones supported

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These enhancements, and more, ensure Secure View for Forensics is no longer a phone editor with a simple write-blocking feature.

Secure View for Forensics Extracts the Following Data:
  • Serial Numbers: IMEI (for GSM phones), and ESN (for CDMA)
  • phones
  • Recent Calls - Received Calls, Dialed Calls & Missed Calls
  • Contacts (internal phone memory, as well as SIM card on
  • supported GSM phones)
  • Calendar and To Do lists
  • Pictures & Wallpapers
  • Ring tones & Music
  • Video & Movies
  • Data Formats
  • General: CSV (.csv)
  • Images: JPEG, Bitmap, PNG, GIF
  • Audio: MP3, MIDI, AAC, WAV, AMR, QCP
  • Video: 3GP, 3G2, MPEG4
  • External Memory is also aqcuired with DataPilot Hardware
Phone Support
  • Secure View for Forensics is a carrier and manufacturer agnostic solution. It supports several different models in North America and Europe
  • The supported cell phone manufacturers include: Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Sanyo, Kyocera, Audiovox, and Siemens
  • The mobile operators include: Cingular, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Alltel and Qwest in US
  • Secure View for Forensics can be installed on multiple computers through the use its USB hardware key
Data Cables and Connections
  • Secure View for Forensics includes: The Universal Cable Set which consists of USB phone connectors to acquire data from most Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, and Sanyo phones
  • Additional individual cables to support Audiovox, Kyocera, Siemens and LG phones
  • IrDA Connector to acquire data from the IrDA enabled phones Bluetooth USB adapter to enable data connectivity with the Bluetooth enabled phones
  • SIM Card Reader to acquire data directly from the SIM cards of the GSM phones
  • USB hardware key
File Integrity, Audit Trail and Reporting
A Major New Improvement with Secure View for Forensics is its MD5 Hashing, new Reporting and Audit Trail Capabilities
  • Each Report generated from a phone analysis is signed with an MD5 Hash signature
  • One, Single Report is generated, and lists as data acquired from the device. The report is organized in a print-ready format
  • All actions related to a particular phone's data acquisition is recorded, creating an audit trail for later analysis. All actions are time-stamped and organized in a print-friendly format
  • All Data is saved to the PC
New Licensing Program Ensures Users Stay Current
Free Two-Year Software and Cable Upgrades with the purchase of a new system, or Upgrade from existing Secure View license
  • Two-year license includes all new enhancements, andnewly supported phones
  • All Cables and Hardware issued by DataPilot for Secure View for Forensics is also free to license holders
  • Existing SecureView users can download update, or receive CD
For more information please contact:
Teel Technologies
(203) 855-5387

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 2000 with SP3 or XP, 133MHz Processor, 128MB RAM, 30MB of available disk space, 800 x 600 resolution, 8-bit (256 colors), USB port, CD-ROM drive
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