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New .XRY version 4.0 sets new standards!

The new .XRY version 4 is easier and faster to use, includes more functions, enables better use of touch screens, and handles more phone models (including a growing list of CDMA phones) thus saving time and providing better security. Additonally, the seamless integration of the new XACT physcal memory solution within the entire platform ensures the most efficient analysis of phone memory data.

Recognized as the industry standard in phone forensics, .XRY is taking a big step forward with the new 4 version. Built on a new platform, .XRY 4 offers a fresh, intuitive interface and a new program that works with most new and old


mobile devices. It provides the user with an easier and faster way to examine confiscated devices, improving the speed and accuracy of forensic results. .XRY creates clean and concise reports in a safe and secure way that are password protected. All information can be exported to Windows Excel.

As a user, you get unlimited access to .XRY via FTP protocol, allowing you to download the latest software versions as soon as they are available. Backed up by our dedicated R&D department, Micro Systemation continues to push the .XRY, developing new functions and expanding the range of mobile devices to work with. Micro Systemation's commitment to .XRY as the industry standard ensures that the user will continue to enjoy new functions and support for new phones and products that meet their needs, today and in the future. .XRY is today widely used in more than 45 countries, making it the leader in mobile forensics.

Fresh, New Interface

The new .XRY interface is not only good to look at, it is more user-friendly. The user will feel at home in the .XRY environment. The interface is flexible and can be modified by the users to adapt the application to their own routines and specific needs.

.XRY is today widely used in more than 50 countries around the world, providing Micro Systemation with a very broad experience in mobile phone forensics.

The philosophy is to ensure that users enjoy greater profitability by providing them with the best technology. The new .XRY version works with many new phone models, as well as offering a fresh, intuitive interface and neat functions. .XRY 3 also has a brand new platform prepared for the challenges of the future.

388 phones supported

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.XRY is the leader in mobile forensics. More users than ever are using .XRY as a standard tool when examining a mobile phone. Micro Systemation will keep on delivering new functions, support for new phones and new products that meet the demands of our users.

.XRY new interface

.XRY 4 looks even better and is more user-friendly, with XP look-alike features.

The interface is more flexible and can be modified by the user to adapt the application to their own routines and specific needs.

File Format

With .XRY 4 Micro Systemation have prepared for the demands of handling large data files, as mobile devices are highly complex and may contain several different storage sources such as internal memory, hard drives, MultiMedia Cards and SIM cards. It is not unusual that a device contains four or five different images. The new .XRY 4 handles all types of memory. The new format makes it even easier for the user to examine mobile phones. In order to help to keep the data organized, the file format is able to store all files related to a specific device inside the same file.
  • Handles unlimited amount of data.
  • Improved search functions.
  • Future safe, prepared for any type of file formats.
  • Sets a new standard for mobile phone acquisition file format.
The size of images and other files differ significantly; some are only a few kilobytes compared to others that are several gigabytes. This means that the file format must be able to handle a large amount of data. The new .XRY 4 file format not only handles large volumes, it also helps to structure all types of data from any type of device. The file format can handle all types of data regardless of whether it comes from the mobile internal memory, SIM card or any other device.

With the new structure file format, it's very easy to search through the files quickly. Micro Systemation have also prepared for future features in the system such as:
  • Combining extractions into one file.
  • Improved search functions.
  • Much faster scrolling through the file.
  • Creating new files or add data to files.
  • Split one file to various sizes of backup files.
The file format is specified on two levels. The first level handles the storage of sections; the second defines the format of data contained sections.


In the .XRY 4 Micro Systemation have implemented support for adding local languages in reports. The earlier file format supported all type of languages while reading phones, including Unicode, but did not generate reports in the appropriate language.

In some countries the report has to be in the local language. This includes not only the data, but also report headers etc. Therefore the new .XRY 3 file format has an implemented function for adding local languages in reports, including headers and footers.

Integrated .XRY manuals

With .XRY 4 the well-appreciated .XRY Phone Manual and .XRY SIM Id Cloner manual will be integrated within the .XRY application. This makes it quicker and easier for the user to get advice from the manuals.

Other benefits
  • Search for information and advice will be quicker and easier.
  • Information will be provided based on a easy-to understand tree-structure.
  • Installation of Adobe Acrobat on your PC is not required.
  • User interface is more modern and intuitive.
  • Possible to send support request directly within the
  • .XRY application (if the PC is connected to external e-mail connection).


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