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Radio Tactics announces the re-development of the CMT — now
called Athena — the only truly portable solution suitable for "live" examinations. It is ideal for intelligence and forensic data
gathering, both in overt and covert situations.

When working undercover, time is of the essence and secrecy is paramount. With this in mind, RTL created Athena. It not only
provides the capability to recover evidence and intelligence from mobile phone handsets, SIM cards and Media cards, but it does it without leaving a trace. Athena's inconspicuous design, quiet operation and display options (standard daylight mode and 'dark' operating mode for use in low light covert situations) are synonymous with the requirements of covert operations.

Athena Key Benefits
  • Simple to use touch screen technology which is ideal for
    high pressure situations
  • High level of security with all stored data being encrypted
    and requiring smartcard and pin login to access it
  • Ideal for covert situations as no trace is left on the mobile phone that has been examined
  • Per phone guidance given to eliminate footprint on the phone. Agents never loaded on to the handset
  • Ability to plan for time by choosing what data to retrieve and Athena will indicate the approximate amount of time required to complete the selected task
  • Backing up of data so that if the examination is terminated unexpectedly the data already acquired is not lost
  • A completely portable and robust toolkit with an interchangeable, long-lasting, rechargeable battery
  • Full support from UK based customer service team with quarterly updates

Extensive Handset Support
  • Guaranteed and tested full support to the highest standards for over 350 handsets including 14 models of BlackBerry.
  • Credible standards of data recovery potentially available for all other handsets via cable or infra red connectivity, extending coverage to in excess of 1000 handsets.

107 phones supported

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