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XACT enables acquisition of deleted data

XACT provides mobile phone forensics specialists with the tools they need to perform highly sophisticated “physical” data acquisitions from confiscated phones or memory cards and allows for the recovery of deleted information.

The new XACT lets forensics specialists push investigations even further by performing physical data acquisitions—a process generating hex dumps from phone memory and allowing the recovery of deleted information.

XACT enables forensics specialists to securely dump memory of mobile phones and memory cards, followed by automated decoding to reconstruct the content.

XACT is a complete solution that includes hardware, software and cables—all the tools required to access from phones and memory cards. A key benefit of XACT is the ability to access protected and deleted content that may be critical to a police investigation.

Alternative methods are risky and time-consuming

Without XACT, enforcement officials have relied on non-forensics tools to dump and decode information manually, a process that can take days or even weeks. These procedures also run a high risk of compromising the quality of the information and consequently their legal standing in a court of law.

Existing methods can put evidence at risk, sometimes even corrupting the phone and destroying the evidence in the process. XACT protects the information that is dumped and decoded.

The first version of XACT will support hex dump for a number of commonly used mobile phones and decoding for some of them, with later versions covering many more phone products.

The first version of XACT supports Hex-dumping for a number of commonly used mobile phones and decoding for some of them, with later versions covering many more phone products.

Technical specifications

Dumps memory on physical memory
Gives access to protected and deleted content  |  Uniform procedure for all supported devices  |  All needed hardware included  |  Supports internal memory and removable media  |  Hash values of memory image

Automated decoding of memory contents
Reconstruction of logical data structures  |  Reconstruction of deleted data  |  Import of source data  |  Presentation of data in conventional .XRY application

Tools for manual analysis
Powerful search function  |  Binary

120 phones supported

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