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Cellebrite UFED Standard
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Cellebrite UFED System:
Universal Forensic Extraction Device

The Cellebrite UFED Forensics system is the ultimate standalone device which can be used in the field as well as the forensic lab. The Cellebrite UFED can extract vital data such as phonebook, pictures, videos, text messages, call logs, ESN and IMEI information from over 3200 models of handsets sold worldwide. The UFED supports CDMA, GSM, IDEN, and TDMA technologies, and it is compatible with any wireless carrier. The Cellebrite UFED system supports 95% of all cellular phones in the market today, including Smartphones and PDA devices. (Palm OS, Microsoft, Blackberry, Symbian) It requires no PC for field use, and can easily store hundreds of phonebooks and content items onto an SD card or USB flash drive.

The Cellebrite UFED supports all known cellular device interfaces, including serial, USB, infrared, and bluetooth. It can then be brought back to the forensic lab for review and verification using the reporting/analysis tool. Field extraction of data insures that a suspect's phone can be examined before the individual has a chance to destroy or erase data. By working exclusively with most major carriers worldwide including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint/ Nextel, T-Mobile UK, Orange France, Telstra Australia as well as 50 others in the US alone, Cellebrite ensures that future devices are supported prior to retail launch.

How it Works:
Using the Cellebrite UFED to extract forensic data is a simple and fast process.

Steps are as follows:
  • Connect the handset using the provided data cable
  • Identify the handset type in the menu
  • Connect the UFED to a USB disk drive or PC to store the extracted data
  • Hit the start button to start the extraction

The simple transfer takes only a few minutes. Once it is completed, the handset can be returned. The evidence now can be viewed, analyzed, printed and emailed using the supplied PC reporting software.

In the Field and at the Lab
The Cellebrite UFED system is extremely user friendly with a simple user interface that has been proven and field tested for over 7 years, with hundreds of thousands of users. The UFED's intuitive user interface allows the highest rate of successful extractions in the industry. Back at the lab, or even in the field, simply connect the USB disk drive to any computer to produce detailed reports.

Secure and Thorough Content
The UFED allows you to extract a wide variety of data types from the handset:
  • Phonebook
  • Text Messages
  • Call History (Received, Dialed, Missed)
  • Deleted Text Messages off SIM/USIM
  • Audio Recordings
  • Video
  • Pictures and Images
  • Phone Details (IMEI / ESN, phone number)

The data is extracted in a strictly 'read only' process, without modifying data on the source phone. The extracted data is verified using industry standard MD5 hash algorithm to insure data integrity for the courtroom.

Foreign Handset Support
The Cellebrite UFED system supports the Unicode industry standard, supporting foreign alphabet systems for data extracted from the handset, to support European, Asian and Middle-Eastern languages.

Multi-language User Interface *
Supports several languages in menus: Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Greek and German. Your personnel will be able to utilize the Cellebrite UFED device in their native language. *As an option

Content Reports
The Cellebrite UFED system comes complete with a user friendly PC reporting and analysis software application. This software can save, print, and analyze complete records of all supported content types of cellular phone data, on a per- handset basis. Concise, easy to analyze report logs can be generated in HTML format, providing an organized print-out for use as a reference in the courtroom. These reports will also supply important fields such as time and date of extraction, agent or officer who performed the extraction, department, and case number. Data is verified via industry standard MD5 Hash algorithm (read only) to insure data integrity for the courtroom.

Cellebrite UFED Standard
493 phones supported

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